The Kitchen Garden Grows a Bit (How did we do that?)

Build crew 17
The dodgy-backed crew with two new raised beds for the Garden, built using the bespoke Glazebrook design for maximum friendliness & tea

LAST YEAR we assembled 30 people to build and fill seven raised beds for the brand new Kitchen Garden on Croxted Road Estate. This year, with two new beds to build, and a lot of garden to maintain, there was an outbreak of injuries and paid employment among the Glazebrook Growers, and we were thinner on the ground. Could our creaky-backed carpenters and hobbling gardeners make it happen?

OH YES we could. Scroll on to see how.


High on community spirit and prescription painkillers, Harry and Paul get off to a cheery start…


…and create some very stylish foundations.

Meanwhile, and not to be outdone, Ali redesigns our (somewhat trampled) wildflower beds…

Forensics identifies the culprits: we’ll be matching prints to footwear

…with a turf crossing point, making two separate wildflower areas.

wildlflower bed july 17.jpg
After a couple of hours with Ali, the flowers are all paying attention

The raised beds progress…


…with the aid of an ingenious system of slings, rollers and ramps.


Gina invents some impressive moves with the wheelbarrow while shifting a good half tonne of topsoil.

All our timbers were cut to size by hand this time. Paul does most of the cutting, but Zoë proves more skilful at hogging the camera.


By the end of the day our carpenters need emergency transfusions (of Doombar and Peroni).


Zoë Petersen