The Glazebrook Growers are a group of residents on Croxted Road Estate, South London, who like growing things; it also includes friends and supporters who don’t live on the estate. The group was initiated by artist Zoë Petersen and neighbours in 2014, to give residents the chance to grow their own food, to encourage diverse plant, bird and insect life on the estate, and so that we could spend more time outdoors and in each others’ company.

In 2016 we designed and built the raised beds for our Kitchen Garden, with the assistance of carpenters resident on the estate. In 2017 we increased the number of raised beds and planted up a new Pleasure Garden nearby.

The group was started when the council dug out informal resident planting on our estate, so that we could represent the interests of those who wanted more than neat lawns. Southwark Council now support our activities and we are grateful to them for funding raised beds,  garden furniture and programmes of workshops, through their Cleaner Greener Safer fund and Neighbourhoods Fund. We also work closely with our Tenants and Residents Association. We are proud to have built and filled the raised beds with our own hands, helped by many of the children who live here.

On this site we record some of our activities and share useful info from our workshops for use by Growers on the estate and beyond.

The Glazebrook Growers take decisions through discussion at meetings. In 2017 we formed a committee to share out responsibilities, and it looks like this:

Chair:  Madeleine Kabeya

Secretary: Zoë Petersen

Treasurer: Mark Hunt

Dept. of Compost: Gina Cross & Mark Hunt

Dept. of Herbs: Jeannine Mansell

Dept. of Flowers: Zoë Petersen, Jeannine Mansell, Raissa McSkimming

The Growers at our Big Dig day in April 2017
A workshop in our own Kitchen Garden, built April 2016
Groundwork: learning at Streatham Common Community Garden, 2014
Six-legged estate residents discovered in summer 2016