Big Bird Little Bird

Just before Christmas I got dive-bombed by a robin, which I’m taking as a sign we should be keeping an eye on the little critters. The RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch, 28-30 January seems like a good way of doing this – ordinary people all over the country watch their garden or local park for an hour and report back on what birds they see. This gives a nationwide picture of how our birds are doing. Click here to go to the RSPB webpage with details – if you get your skates on they’ll send you a bird-identifying chart, and coffee.

So, on Monday 30 January from 3.30 to 4.30, we’ll be spending an hour in the Kitchen Garden on Croxted Road Estate. Put on your long johns and join us! I’ll have a thermos and flapjacks. The railway embankment is home to masses of birds, so we should be able to tick off a good few.

If the weekend suits you better, you can sign up separately and do it on Saturday or Sunday (28/29 Jan) in a local green space of your choosing.

Update – our bird count on 30 January 2017 was as follows:

Bluetits x 2
Great tit x 1
Robins x 2
Wood pigeons x 2
House sparrows x 2
Carrion crows x 2
Parakeets x 2

Unidentified birds (the light was terrible and it’s hard to identify a bird from its sihouette) x approx.12
Not bad for an hour in this little corner of our big smelly city.

Zoë Petersen

I have! Wrens live right next to us, on the wooded railway embankment








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